Standard Auto Parts for Vehicle Repairs

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Used Auto Parts

When buying replacement parts for your vehicle, you will often have the option of either buying brand new parts or buying used parts. For many people, the option of buying used parts will prove to be the more beneficial choice. However, it is important to note that used auto parts have both pros and cons and will not be right for everyone. Taking the time to consider both the pros and cons associated with these replacement parts can help you determine whether or not buying used parts is the right option for you.

The Pros Of Used Auto Parts

  1. Low Cost - Used auto parts are often priced significantly lower than brand new parts. As a result, these parts can make repairing your vehicle far more affordable. This can be especially beneficial when making major repairs. 
  2. Access To Discontinued Parts - Manufacturers routinely discontinue the production of new auto parts for vehicles once they reach a certain age. If you are looking to repair an older vehicle, the option of buying used auto parts will allow you to gain access to genuine parts that are no longer being produced by the manufacturer. 
  3. Immediate Availability - Many auto supply stores and mechanics will need to order the parts you need and wait for them to be delivered when choosing to purchase brand new parts. Used auto parts on the other hand can often be purchased the same day from a local salvage yard or other auto parts supplier. 

The Cons Of Used Auto Parts

  1. Lack Of Warranty Coverage - It is common for used auto parts to be sold with either a very limited warranty or no warranty coverage at all. This means that there is a higher risk associated with the decision to purchase used auto parts. 
  2. Shorter Lifespan - If you require mechanical parts for your vehicle, you will find that used parts offer a shorter lifespan than brand new parts. This is because used auto parts have already had a portion of their overall lifespan used by the previous owner. 

The Bottom Line

Used auto parts offer a more affordable option for individuals who are looking to complete repairs to their vehicles. These used parts are also very beneficial to individuals who do not have time to wait for their replacement parts to be ordered or who are unable to find brand new parts due to the age of their vehicle. However, since these parts often do not come with a warranty, you may want to avoid the use of used auto parts if you are unable to confirm the condition of the part prior to purchasing it.