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Help! My Lug Nuts Won't Come Off!

Many of us, are going to have to change a tire sooner or later. You can remove some tires easily. However, if your lug nuts are rusted or stripped, you'll need an electric impact tool—such as a 1 inch electric impact gun—to remove them so that you can get your tire off its rim.

Removing Old Lug Nuts

Lug nuts secure your wheels to your car. You can attempt to remove lug nuts manually with a torque wrench. Removing lug nuts manually takes some strength. Turn them the wrong way and you will tighten them. If you have a hard time remembering which direction loosens your lug nuts, remember the old saying, "righty tighty, lefty loosey."

It is an old saying, but it works every single time. If you are not strong enough to loosen the lug nuts, or if they are rusted or stripped, use an electric impact torque wrench. It will do the work for you. Use electric impact torque wrenches much the same way you would use an electric socket gun or an electric drill.

After removing the lug nuts, inspect them for signs of wear. You can drive with one lug nut missing at posted speeds for a time. Eventually, however, you will need a new one from the auto parts store.

Buying New Lug Nuts

Before heading out to the auto parts store, make sure that you know the make, model, and year of your car. It also helps to know what kind of wheels your car uses so that the lug nuts you buy will fit your type of wheel. Lug nuts differ in size, how they taper, and their interior threading. There are eight types of lug nuts to choose from:

Many American cars use the hex lug nut if using aftermarket parts. If you bought your car new and your wheels are from the original equipment manufacturer, then you probably have the mag lug nut with the flat washer. When in doubt, refer to your car's owners manual.

Now that you know what kind of lug nut that your car needs, make sure that it has the correct thread spacing or pitch, and that the wheel torque specifications are followed exactly. You don't want improperly fitting lug nuts causing your wheel to fall off your car.