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Solving Brake Limitations Problems On Hot Rods Or Classic Cars Repowered With Modern Engines

Buying an older classic car and converting it to a hot rod or cruiser with a modern engine and powertrain is common and can be a great hobby for anyone into old cars. These depowered classics are a lot of fun to drive but often suffer from brake limitations because of the old drum brake systems used when they were manufactured, but installing a front disc brake conversion kit can solve that problem. 

Brake Issues

A car that left the factory with front drum brakes and a small six-cylinder engine later converted to a heavier eight-cylinder can often struggle to stop with the additional weight and power. A modern powertrain makes the car faster, and the extra weight can cause the nose of the vehicle to dive when braking, so more forward momentum is exerted on the front brake system. 

In some cases, those old drum brakes can not handle the additional force, and the stopping distance will increase, or worse, the tires will lock up and skid, making steering extremely challenging. One solution is to remove the old brakes and replace the front system with a front disc brake conversion kit that will add more braking force to the brakes and add a proportioning valve to the system to balance the brakes and improve the performance of the system.

Disc Brake Conversion

Front disc brake conversion kits are available for many classic cars and trucks that you can bolt on in your garage over the weekend. The conversion kit will include all the required components for the system to function. Many manufacturers offer additional upgrades in the kit to further increase braking performance for cars that see time on the dragstrip or are driving long distances. 

Working with the manufacturer to purchase a kit with everything you need is essential, so be sure to ask if you need to source any additional components before installing the kit on your vehicle. Some kits require a replacement master cylinder that allows you to split the front and rear brake lines, making it easier to balance the system and providing the pressure you need in the front without over-pressurizing the rear. 

Rear Conversion

When you are considering a front disc brake conversion kit for your vehicle, you may want to consider converting the rear at the same time. Adding disc brakes to all four corners of the car will make servicing the system easier, improve overall brake performance, and reduce brake wear over time. 

When combined with custom suspension systems and modern drive trains, disc brakes can significantly impact the safety and handling of the car in nearly all driving situations. They can make the car a great modern classic cruiser that you can drive anywhere without worrying about parts failures.