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Important Reasons To Add A Polaris Slingshot Fender To Your UTV

You want to get years' worth of use and power out of your utility terrain vehicle. It not only serves as a recreational vehicle for your family. You can also use it as a work vehicle around your farm or ranch. 

To protect its value and function, you can add accessories to it. These reasons are some for adding a Polaris slingshot fender to your UTV. 

Protecting from Road Debris

When you add a slingshot fender to your UTV, you help protect it from road debris that can significantly damage the body's appearance and function. As you drive it around your farm or ranch or even out in the pastures and fields, you can kick up debris like gravel and rocks. This debris can fly up on the body where it can gouge, scratch and dent your UTV.

To shield it from some of the worst flying debris that it can encounter in off-road conditions, you can add a Polaris slingshot fender to its front. This fender is made from a durable material that can withstand blows from flying rocks, gravel and dirt. The body will remain intact, and you avoid losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in its value.

Lightweight Design

Adding a Polaris slingshot fender will not weigh down your UTV. You need this vehicle to remain lightweight and easy to maneuver. You may worry that a fender can add weight to the front end that can detract from its easy handling and ability to drive it through mud, water and other challenging conditions. 

However, the fender is made out of lightweight material that does not add to the weight of the UTV's front end. It will not cause the front end to sink into soft road materials like mud or sand. It also will not weigh down the handlebars or cause them to drag when you make turns.


Finally, the slingshot fender is designed to add appeal to your UTV. It comes in a solid black color that pairs with any exterior color. It makes your UTV look sportier and can add to the vehicle's resale value.

These reasons are some for adding a Polaris slingshot fender to your utility terrain vehicle. It spares your UTV from incurring damages from flying road debris. It also prevents your UTV from bogging down from added weight. You can handle your UTV easily and get a sportier look from it.