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Three Thing You Thought You Knew About Your Car's Winshield Damage - And Why They're Wrong!

Your car's windshield is one of those things you really don't notice until something happens to it. And then, it's all you can notice. Unfortunately, your windshield is under attack every time you drive. Whether it's a pebble on the highway, debris from a passing truck, your kid with a baseball or a sudden hailstorm, there's no shortage of ways it can be damaged.

Myth #1: A small chip is nothing to really worry about

A tiny chip in your windshield might not seem like a very big deal, but it's something that needs attention. Once the windshield is chipped, it's compromised, and the smallest vibration (like slamming your car door) can cause the chip to turn into a crack and spread. If you have a chip, there's good news though: the general rule of thumb is that if a crack or chip is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired. And many insurance policies cover this at no charge.

Myth #2: A do-it-yourself repair kit does just as good and saves you money

As mentioned in the last point, you may very well have to pay nothing at all to simply get your windshield repaired. But should you try to fit it on your own with a kit from the store because it's actually pretty easy to make the problem worse. A professional auto glass repair technician has experience and supplies that most people don't, and they can make a small chip virtually disappear. There's a good chance that your attempt to save money will only cost you more in the long run.

Myth #3: Filing a glass claim will make my insurance rates go up

Since most glass claims aren't the fault of the driver, filing a claim won't make your insurance go up. If your windshield is damaged because you crashed into a tree, you might see an increase, but the vast majority of the time you won't. This is a very common occurrence (the most common insurance claim) and your insurance company won't risk losing you as a customer over such a small claim (compared to most car insurance claims).

In conclusion, if your windshield has a chip or crack, get in contact with your insurance company or a repair company immediately. There are even mobile auto glass repair services that will come straight to your home or work and do the job in an hour or so so you won't be without your car.

To learn more about auto glass repair, contact auto glass technicians in your area.